VideoJak - hijacking ip video calls!

I have a idea.

Why not, a new menu "Video Over IP" after "Voip Over IP" and a link to VideoJak?
We need some tools pentest for Video Over IP, correct?

What is VideoJak
VideoJak is an IP Video security assessment tool that can simulate a proof of concept video interception or replay test against a targeted, user-selected video session. VideoJak is the first of its kind security tool that analyzes video codec standards such as H.264. VideoJak works by first capturing the RTP port used in a video conversation or stream. Next, VideoJak analyzes the RTP packets, collecting the RTP sequence numbers and timestamp values used between the video endpoints. Then VideoJak creates a custom video payload by changing the sequence numbers and timestamp values used in the original RTP packets between the two video endpoints. After the user selects a targeted video device to attack in an ongoing video session, VideoJak delivers the payload over the learned RTP port against the target. This attack results in one of several new features:

# Video Replay of a previous session against the target
# Playing of a random AVI file against the target
# Severely degraded audio and video quality (DoS)

Link: VideoJak: Hi Jacking IP Video Systems

by firebits