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    Default AutoScan Network

    Thanks to Linus1907 for pointing this out.
    There is a bug in autoscan network version 1.42 included in BT4.
    While trying to access shares on the network an error will pop up indicating " can't find the /usr/bin/nautilus"
    Nautilus is the default file manager for gnome. To fix it make a symbolic link from konqueror to nautilus.
    root@bt:~:  ln -s /opt/kde3/bin/konqueror /usr/bin/nautilus
    Notice there is a space between the to directories.
    This will allow you to now access the shares through autoscan networks.

    For more background on the bug see here.
    Again thanks to Linus1907 for finding this.
    Also there is a new version (1.50 stable) available for download.
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    Default Re: AutoScan Network

    Autoscan fixed and updated!


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