pwntooth is a pretty straight forward bluetooth penetration testing framework. What it does is, it just looks for the tools listed a file: ’pwntooth.conf‘ and then runs those tools.
The tools included are:

blueper: Blueper is a tool designed to abuse Bluetooth file transferring. This tool can cause several mischievous results, including; continual popups of file transfer requests, writing data to a remote device disk,or locking up/crashing some devices.

bluesnarfer: Bluesnarfer will download the phonebook of any mobile device vulnerable to bluesnarfing.

Bluetooth Stack Smasher (BSS): Bluetooth Stack Smasher is a L2CAP layer fuzzer.

carwhisperer: The carwhisperer project intends to sensibilise manufacturers of carkits and other Bluetooth appliances without display and keyboard for the possible security threat evolving from the use of standard passkeys.

psm_scan: PSM_SCAN is a port scanner just report if a PSM(Protocol Service Multiplexers) channel is open or closed. It further supports scanning using RAW sockets for gathering a little more information about the state of the PSM.

rfcomm_scan: RFCOMM_SCAN is a port scanner just report if a RFCOMM channel is open or closed.

Download pwntooth here!Oh yes! This is Open source!
Size: 6.7 MB
MD5: 6efa7519fbc4bcab564403f5788a6635