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Thread: crunch 2.6 released

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    Default crunch 2.6 released


    I have just released crunch 2.6. Version 2.5 had a memory leak which lead to a seg fault under certain circumstances. Here is what is new since 2.4:

    add -q which is like -p but reads from a specified file
    -t now supports upper and lowercase characters
    add more character sets to charset.lst
    combine -m and -p into -p
    improved documentation
    resume now supports -b
    -s now supports @*%^ symbols in -t
    added a status report when the file gets renamed
    show the user how large the resulting output will be BEFORE generating anything
    added a 3 second delay before crunch starts generating output. It gives the user time to read how large the file(s) will be and press Ctrl-C if they want to abort.
    did a little code cleaning (removed some unnecessary casts, made the parameter processing a little more robust, sorted the parameters in the comments, etc).

    I hope it was worth the wait. You can download crunch 2.6 from:

    If you have any problems or questions please let me know.
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    Default your work is very appreciated.

    Fixing the seg fault issue has made my day. Thanks for spending the time. Crunch is maturing nicely.

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    Default Re: crunch 2.6 released

    Yeah certainly worth the wait. Crunch is my favourite wordlist generator.
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    Default Re: crunch 2.6 released

    Updating this package is on my do-to list for today.

    EDIT: This has been updated and should be in the repos in the next few days.
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