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    Unless mistaken, eth1 applies to your ethernet connection. wlan0 or wlan1 applies to your wireless card. When doing airmon-ng start wlan0 (or 1), this command switches the card into monitor mode hence the output of mon0. From this point, all commands use mon0 as in airodump-ng mon0. To get the handshake you are seeking, a wireless device has to be connected to the AP via the key so the --deauth command can perform it's task of kicking said device off the network forcing it to log back into the network with the key it has on file.

    To the original post, I am having the same problem as there is no wifi device connected to my AP, only a desktop that is hardwired which has no need of using the AP's wifi password. I will have to connect another wireless device so I can watch the --deauth command kick it off the network for a fraction of a second and capture the handshake. Then start perfecting the process of cracking the handshake .cap file. One step at a time I guess.
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