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Thread: Need some detail info about a old post about wpa and deauth

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    Default Need some detail info about a old post about wpa and deauth

    I citate what he wrote. What does he mean with flodding channel?
    Can Air... tools be put in to context to explain how to do this in practice?

    "This summary (below) is that which is required for a full mitm over wpa:

    That you have equipment using a wpa-encrypted wifi connection to an AP, which you then force to dissociate and reauthenticate with an attacking machine. You then connect to the AP from the attacking machine (using wpa), flood the channel and use arpspoof to force the target machine to preferentially authenticate with your attacking machine (using wpa) which then handles all inbound/outbound requests, without the AP forcing a reconnection!"

    The thread, its from last year.
    MITM with SSLstrip - Tor - Remote Exploit Forums


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    Default Re: Need some detail info about a old post about wpa and deauth

    Let me google that for you

    Couldn't resist

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