Firstly I hope this is the correct place for this post as I have been having a really hard time searching these excellent forums and the internet as a whole and discovered nothing of any use so thought you guys would be the perfect place to post as this seems to be where I make all my discoveries and breakthroughs... Anyway I digress...

So to get to my point I was wondering if it is possible to create a wordlist with crunch (which is easy enough) and perhaps piping it through to another program that will take entries out that have multiple letters and numbers on the fly ie..


also does anybody know of either a process to make crunch create a list with alternating alphanumeric a1b2c3d4....???

or if not perhaps redirect these results on the fly as crunch makes the wordist?
I beliveve this would keep the size of aforementioned list day a little at least as I think the calculation would go something like this 26x10x26x10x26x10x26x10 ...??? also i would like to create the reverse 10x26x10x26x10x26x10x26..

Any hope would be great cheers in advance guys....

would it be possible to script this or code it with C..

sorry for the length of the post any help greatly received