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Thread: wpa brute force and pre-calculated hashes

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    Default wpa brute force and pre-calculated hashes

    I know these questions are ask probably a 1000 times, but after reading on the subject for a while, I'm still a bit confuse. Maybe because when someone mention rainbow tables, I think of l0pthcrack, and how good it is at cracking passwords. However, not being the case with wpa cracking, and I figure is because the encryption is different. But when ppl use tools like airolib-ng and genpmk from cowpatty, are these tools for generating rainbow tables or just pre-calculated hashes. are those the same thing? To my understanding rainbow tables are a time-memory-trade off in which the tables are loaded in parallel into memory making it much faster the process of cracking. if these tools generate the pre-calculated hashes only useful for that essid, why is it difficult to crack wpa when using a good passphrase? is it b/c even using pre-calculated hashes if the password you feed into airolib is not in the dictionary you still will not crack the password?.... if someone could give me a quick answer to some of these questions, instead of pointing me to somewhere else... I will appreciate


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    Default Re: wpa brute force and pre-calculated hashes

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