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Thread: BT4 with Intel 82577LM NIC

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    Post BT4 with Intel 82577LM NIC


    First post in the forums. I came across an issue when dual booting my Dell Latitude E6510 with Win7 x64 and BT4. As easy as it turned out to be I saw several other posts with people having similar issues with the same wired NIC, Intel's 82577LM Gigabit Controller.

    I had come across several posts suggesting to use the e1000e drivers included in the BT4 native Install, but it appeared I had the same luck as the OPs of those threads; none.

    I tried several times searching Intel's site directly for drivers for this particular NIC but didn't have any luck until an obscure google search turned up this link: Intel 82577LM Drivers.

    After transferring the tar to an external USB drive and mounting said drive simply following the steps in the README did the trick. Below are the commands I entered after copying the tar to my home directory:

    tar -zxvf e1000e-1.2.10.tar.gz
    cd e1000e-1.2.10.tar.gz/src
    make install
    rmmod e1000e; modprobe e1000e
    /etc/init.d/networking restart
    I realize to some of the more experienced linux users this may seem trivial at best. However, I'm coming from a windows background and thought this may help those that are doing the same.

    I apologize ahead of time if it's in the wrong section or the topic has already been covered.

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    Default Re: BT4 with Intel 82577LM NIC

    Moved to HCL forum.
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    Default Re: BT4 with Intel 82577LM NIC

    thnx m8,

    just what i needed

    ps: do you have a workaround for the video driver? not the nvidia one...??

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