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Thread: Aircrack keys per second??

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    Lightbulb Re: Aircrack keys per second??

    HP AMD Phenom Quad Core...X4 1450 keys per sec.
    No ATI HD ? Nvidia GTX cards.
    Cracks Each area code in 15/30 minutes. for I.E. 269@@@@@@@. It would take 15-30minutes.
    269838@@@@ 1-2 minute if you get very narrowed down to your local area and prefix.

    I was told that the NEWER ATI HD 6000's will take a Bunch load of Passwords per sec. and dont for get. The ATI HD 5970 is a DUAL GPU i think, but there are 2-6GB cards out there for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and like 200,000 to 500,000 Passwords per sec.

    Another thing is i dont want to Disappoint anyone but I have over 1,000 (REALTEK 8187L ADAPTERS - 1000mW / 1 WATT) from China and i have 1 ALFA 1000mW, Believe it or not. the Chinesse Knock offs work much better and Grabs at least 2-5 More AP's than the ALFA 1000mW adapter. If anyone wants to see and Compare I'll do a Video.

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