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Thread: dd-wrt redirecting traffic to a sslstrip box

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    I finally got some spare time to work on this and got this working.

    The software that will do this is etherpuppet.

    The developer has both a regular linux version that can be used in backtrack and a linksys router version that can be run on the router.

    By installing Etherpuppet on the linksys router, you can send all traffic from a chosen interface to a remote workstation so that it can be manipulated and sent back.

    SSL strip worked fine on the traffic on both of my DD-WRT routers.
    And so did any other program that I tried, for example metasploit.
    I used the br0:0 interface on the router

    However I tried another a couple of other DD-WRT routers (older ones), which did not have the br0:0 interface, and etherpuppet could not keep the connection. Could have something to do with the older version of DD-WRT or it could just be the different chipset. Mine are the Asus PN16 and WGL

    I am still trying to figure out how to start an br0:0 interface or what interface besides br0:0 will work on these other routers as I had no problem running etherpuppet on them.

    Also etterpuppet works great connecting two workstations this way.
    I am not sure why it is not included in backtrack considering it is such a useful tool!

    Sample command lines:

    On linksys router:
    etterpuppet -s 888 -i br0:0
    # This makes the br0:0 interface available on port 888 for any computer to connect and use.

    On backtrack:
    etterpuppet -c -m -I myinterface
    # This tells it to connect to an IP address and port number in master mode and create a new interface.

    remember to use ifconfig myinterface up
    to bring up your new interace

    after downloading:
    just rename etherpuppet-mipsel to anything, upload it to you router (chmod 777) and run it.

    For the linux version, you need to compile it for backtrack, which is really easy and instructions are on the website

    Quote Originally Posted by bl0tch View Post
    any of you figured out the prerouted forwarding part for the dd-wrt? i thought i had it with http redirect in the hotspot tab but havent gotten it to work it may be meant for just within the network while im trying to send all packets over the net to a proxy. i cant imagine it should be so hard to figure out how to forward everything outside the lan to a proxy but after weeks i still cant get it working no matter what i try.
    Quote Originally Posted by Carto_ View Post
    I don't have any python code here yet but i'll give you that soon.

    For the SD hack, it's ok for my part but a question persist :

    How do you add more RAM and usb as extra storage ?
    I don't think you can add more RAM. As far as the USB, the router either comes with it or not. The SD hack is not so difficult and would give you all the storage you need.

    Better just to get a better router with more ram. I am using the Asus N16 with 128 MB Ram, USB and a faster CPU. There may be some newer ones out there.

    Sorry, this is a double post please delete
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