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Thread: interactive script help

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    Question interactive script help

    I am writing a script to automate wep cracking for ligament reasons only so my question is this...

    I have a command that looks like this...

    "airodump-ng --bssid (bssid) --channel (CH) --ivs -w (filename1) mon0"

    I would like the script to ask

    "what is the bssid?"

    "what is the channel?"

    "what filename would you like to write to?"

    also note that i will need to use this information other places in the script.
    another example would look like this...

    "packetforge-ng -0 -a (bssid) -h (host mac) -l -k -y (fragment-0327-131221.xor) -w (filename2)"

    script would ask

    "what is name of fragment file?"

    "what filename would you like to write to?"

    I have looked around for a few days now and cant find the information anywhere on google or these forums but i may be asking the wrong questions so anyone please help im sorry if this is a simple question

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    Default Re: interactive script help

    This might be more appropriate posted at a general Linux or Linux scripting forum, but OK, I'll play.

    Try Googling for something like "bash script prompt user input"
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