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Thread: How can I get a bssid number? Where do I find it?

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    Smile How can I get a bssid number? Where do I find it?

    I am staying in a friends house for the next few days but for some reason can't connect to her wireless. the connection is locked (the symbol of the computer with a little lock on it) but she says no new password has been put on it. I have tried entering the key that is on the bottom of the router but with no luck.

    So, i go into network connects and click the "add button". I have all of the other information ie. ssid, mac number etc. but the only thing I seem to be missing and cannot find is the bssid. I'm using linux if that makes any difference (my bro installed it for me).

    I've tried googling the answer but haven't had any luck. Maybe someone in here can help me? I would really like to use my own laptop instead of always having to borrow my friends.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How can I get a bssid number? Where do I find it?

    Easy fix. Reset the router using either the provided documentation or the internet site of the manufacturer.
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