hi all.

i have Asus EeePC 901 (ralink RT2860), BT4r1 on SD-card, and WPA2-PSK homenet.

so i trying to connect my net using wicd: enter my static ip, mask, dns etc., wpa2 passphrase; and it's ok, wicd tell me that %my_ssid% is connected, i can even open google, but after few second i can open nothing. wicd still telling that all ok, but i can't ping even router and after 3-5 minutes there're disassociate due timeot.

neither syslog nor wireshark show nothing suspicious. what can it be? i tried to connect via wpa_supplicant and had the same picture - connection is done, ping google for 1,2,3,4 seconds and that's all: connection still active, but there's no answer from router.

it's not hardware problem, because when i'm booting in winXP on the same eeepc everything is ok.

is there somebody who made BT3 connect to wpa2 on EeePC 901 with ralink2860? i've read this forum and found no answer, only questions about this.