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Thread: How can I update MSF

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    Unhappy How can I update MSF

    Dear All,
    Please be indulgent, I already stuck around a little while but I didn't find what I looking for: the solution. In this awesome forum and with my faithful friend "google". It"s my first time to see this kind of error:
    I svn up, msfupdate, cleanup, svn update --force and ... but it still doesn"t work. I really need to use ms10_022* to perform an audit at my office "cos the whole server and PC is with win7, vista and 2008 server. I am not allowed to do a client side attack. It has to be quick, efficient and obvious, just to convinced the client to migrate to "open source" and "normalize" the network. So here it is (please again, be indulgent):
    root@bt:/pentest/exploits/framework3# msfupdate
    Updating Metasploit from
    svn: URL '' of existing directory 'external/source/meterpreter/source/extensions/stdapi/server/railgun' does not match expected URL ''

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    Default Re: How can I update MSF

    There are many threads on updating metasploit. Might also want to read the documentation. It won't hurt.
    Also please use appropriate thread titles.
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    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
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