Hey Folks,

I've tried searching for this, but not sure what kind of keywords I would type to find such a thing.

Is there a script, or even simpler a command line, that allows you to compare two word lists and REMOVE words from one of them?

For example, compare WorldList_01 to WordList_02 and remove from WordList_02 words that are in WordList 01, leaving you with two wordlists that are unique to each other?

My problem is that I have two wordlists that I have created.
One is a list of dates starting from 01 01 1900 (with no spaces of course) and going all the way up to 01 01 2013. I have them in 6 variations:

I also have it "uniqued" since 01011900 can be both mmddyyyy and ddmmyyyy. (If anyone wants this date list, let me know.)

The other is a list of 8-character permutated numbers using crunch from 00000000 to 99999999. This file is about 900 megabytes big.

Now, of course, the crunch-generated list will have every single date in my date list. I would like to remove all of those dates from my date list from my crunch-generated list so that the two lists are unique compared to each other. Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks in advance!

- Sulegna -