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Thread: Adding Numbers To Make Short Words 8 Characters Long

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    Question Adding Numbers To Make Short Words 8 Characters Long

    Hey Folks,

    I know there's a way to do this in Excel, but I was wondering if there was a script out there that can do this (or if someone can write one up)?

    We've all seen the scripts/commandlines that allow you to go through wordlists and remove words that are less than 8 characters long, since WPA/WPA2 passphrases are minimum 8 characters long.

    However, if you really think about it, when someone wants to use a word as their passphrase that is less than 8 characters, what do they do? They usually add numbers!

    For example, if someone wanted to use the word "cool", they would most likely use "cool1234" as their password to hit the minimum of 8 characters.

    With that said, is there a way to go through a wordlist and add numbers (or letters, or special characters) to the end to make them hit the 8 character minimum?

    I'm sure this is something many of you out there would like to be seen done, if it hasn't been done already!


    - Sulegna -
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