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Thread: SET Ettercap Problem

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    Default SET Ettercap Problem

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to demonstrate the effects of credential harvesting and java applet attacks on local networks for a demo so trying to ARP poison my victim machine instead of phishing. However I'm having problems redirect the victim's traffic over the attacker machine (with SET v6.0.1).

    I've enabled the ETTERCAP=ON and set the correct adaptor for ETTERCAP in the set_config file but the victim machine never seems to browse over to the attacker's cloned website.

    I could do it manually with ettercap I guess but since the functionality exists in SET I want to be able to use it. What could I be missing? I would appreciate any pointers.


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    Default Re: SET Ettercap Problem

    Well first did you edit etter.conf ? If you did do that you should try to make it manually and see if it works.
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