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Thread: Enabling access to net

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    Default Enabling access to net

    hi all,

    Ive used BT4 a while back for cracking wep and attempted to crack wpa...

    Ive reinstalled it using vmware and its running fine. I have network set as bridged and I can swap my RTL8187 between the host and the VM as of the icon.

    The trouble is when I go to use mozila to browse the net nothing there a command I need to enter to enable the net?


    Hi again,

    I got the net working by using the sudo start-network command and I am using the Wicd network manager but when I enter the key for wpa wireless network I keep getting password incorrect?...ive tried another 2 wireless networks using the correct keys also but form some reason BT4 is saying the passwords are wrong?

    Anyone any ideas

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    Default Re: Enabling access to net

    This topic is widely covered. You need to search better before posting.

    PS: 1.000th post...

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    Default Re: Enabling access to net

    congrats snayler, your spoon is sooo worn out!
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