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Thread: John The Ripper Won't Mangle

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    Question John The Ripper Won't Mangle

    Hey folks,

    I've searched the internet and the Backtrack forums for someone with the same problem as me with no luck, so I've been forced to join the forums and post my problem -- I simply cannot get John The Ripper to mangle a wordlist in BT4.

    It just says:
    * This script will take you to /pentest/passwords/jtr/
    * From there, run ./john <parameters>

    And ends up going to:

    I've tried every combination I could to run it. The generic line I'm trying to run is:
    john --rules -w:WordList_To_Mangle.txt -stdout:63 > WordList_Mangled.txt

    I've tried every variant I could think of of that command line and I can't seem to get it to mangle a wordlist. And it doesn't have to do with anything about where JTR is located and whatnot as I've tried running it both from it's native directory and from root, both with and without typing the full location of where it is.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Does BT4 come with Jack The Ripper? Because I actually d/led and installed John The Ripper and perhaps that was what is causing the problem?


    - Sulegna -
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