Can anyone help Im trying to get mad wifi drivers installed on backtrack 4 with a wireless Atheros 5001x+ card.

Checking the requirements listed on the site i have confirmed that i do have these dependancies-
c libraries

(not sure about "perl" and "subversion, but i assume i have them)

Yet when i try to "make" for the madwifi for my wireless chipset it comes up with this output -

root@bt:~/madwifi# make
Checking requirements... ok.
Checking kernel configuration... ok.
make -C /lib/modules/ SUBDIRS=/root/madwifi modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-source-'

WARNING: Symbol version dump /usr/src/linux-source-
is missing; modules will have no dependencies and modversions.

CC [M] /root/madwifi/ath/if_ath.o
In file included from /root/madwifi/ath/../net80211/ieee80211_monitor.h:45,
from /root/madwifi/ath/if_ath.c:71:
/root/madwifi/ath/../ath/if_athvar.h:98: error: conflicting types for 'irqreturn
include/linux/irqreturn.h:16: error: previous declaration of 'irqreturn_t' was h
/root/madwifi/ath/if_ath.c: In function 'ath_attach':
/root/madwifi/ath/if_ath.c:402: error: 'struct net_device' has no member named '
/root/madwifi/ath/if_ath.c: In function 'ath_detach':

Ive cut down some of the output for the sake of keeping this message short. I assume this is some dependency problem. Im a bit of a linux newb so i have no idea.