My question is about different techniques of cracking WPA passwords. Since I know only two ways, i am interested if there are some better ones to practice. At first I tried to crack my AP using John the Ripper method, which after 12 hours of generating still didn't do the trick(ofcourse i have a quite complicated password: 4b7b881063). Secondly, the aircrack method with a dictionary. I used the built-in dictionary(/pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkc0de.lst) and started cracking. Still no success because the password "4b7b881063" obviously doesn't exist in any dictionary. If I am getting the point of dictionaries correct, the cracking process simply tries each word from the dictionary until it finds the correct one. In that case, how can randomly mixed up combinations(like my pw: 4b7b881063) be cracked?

Isn't there such way like reading incoming packages and as a client connects to the AP, you find the correct package and the pw from it? I am a beginner and just made that possibility up so please dont blame me in anything .

If you have something to suggest, perhaps you could also give some information about it(maybe a tutorial, video or something like that)

Thank you!