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Thread: NFS mount after HD inst ?

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    Default NFS mount after HD inst ?

    Fantastic work...BT has renewed my interest in Linux and I'm hooked again.

    I installed BT to the harddrive of a laptop, how can I best mount exports from other machines ?

    cat /proc/filesystems indicates there is not NFS support in the kernel

    Found a module thats supposed to allow mounts,
    BT ~ # uselivemod /modules/
    but got ....

    "Installing (unpacking) module /modules/
    Major/Minor mismatch, filesystem on /modules/ is (2:1)
    I only support Squashfs 3.0 filesystems! Later releases will support older Squashfs filesystems"

    I *guess* modules only work with the live drive stuff ????
    Should I pursue squashfs or a new kernel for my install ?


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    Module handler requires a specific version of squashfs, I think there's a way to convert them but I don't recall off the top of my head. Try searching the forums for "squashfs" I think this has come up before.

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