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    First things first: THANKS for developing this great script, g0tmi1k & joker5bb!

    Seems like I almost get everything to work smoothly, maybe you'll be so kind to tell me how to resolve the following situation?
    Problem: DNS forwarding doesn't seem to work. In your last post above you've stated joker5bb's solution, but I don't get it.

    Further info (to eliminate questions):

    * Script installed: current version 0.3 #127
    * System used: BT 4 R2, full installation
    * Installed & using: hostapd (seems to work just fine)
    * Ping to WORKS, hxxp:// forwards victim to fake page, but any other address results in "Server not found"

    g0tmi1k, I'd appreciate an update of your script to include joker5bb's solution for DNS fowarding - it clearly seems to me that this is the only issue I get (even when changing to airbase-ng). I'd love to finally run your script as it should, I've been struggling for weeks to find a remedy.

    If there's some stuff you'd like me to test (or to even get DNS forwarding to work), tell me right away in this thread - I'll monitor it 24/7/365.

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