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how did you compile hostapd?
I'm somewhat in the same boat as I just installed hostapd and then ran the fakeAP_pwn script. What I did notice is that it says:

[>] Starting: Access point
'Fake' Access Point~hostapd /tmp/fakeAP_pwn.hostapd
Configuration file: /tmp/fakeAP_pwn.hostapd
Line 3: invalid/unknown driver 'nl80211'
1 errors found in configuration file '/tmp/fakeAP_pwn.hostapd'
So I don't have the nl80211 driver installed. I modprobed to check for it and it's definitely not there. Now a site I came across says I should install the compat-wireless package to get the module. I'm a little timid doing this. Is that the right thing to do?