Hello! I already bought this card, but I have trouble with run this card. When i type in console "lsusb" then computer is recognize card (atheosusbcard tl-wn422g - ath9k_htc) but when i type in console "airmon-ng", computer recognize only my integrated wifi card intel(ath9k).
My operating system is Backrtack 4 R1, I've tried this drivers ath9k_htc - Linux Wireless but it doesn't work. I've tried one more way from website https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ha...rkCardsTP-Link about TL-WN422G v2.4. All is going well but when I type "sudo ndiswrapper -a 0cf3:1006 netathuw", error appears that 'netathuw' isn't right command.

Ohh, and when I tried to install default driver from backtrack, error appears that the driver isn't right. Thanks for answers! Sorry with my broken english, I'm from Poland smile.gif