Hello Backtrack4 community,

So here´s the thing. Last night I watched Youtube, usually I dont care about Hacking and cracking stuff, but my eye catched this Backtrack 4 WEP hacking and I wondered its so easy to brake this thing that every kid in a world could do that. I started to fear that someone may be sniffing around and use my internet. Because there are some people they call themselves hackers back where I live and I know that they might be up to something. So i downloaded this Backtrack4 and couple of videos, went to my friend, he lives nearby, and i tried to hack my connection key. And i failed. I used all these Airmon-ng everything was fine
then i used to make this from wlan0 to mon0
it worked
Then i located my AP that tooked time
I used commands and then i stucked to Aireplay-ng -5 it seems readed packages but didnt find any usable
i tried aireplay-ng -1 and it failed to connect to my AP

i remind you that iam not a pro, I just wanted to secure my own system. And iam really in to it ... I only can judge that iam safe is because attacks failed and it didnt find any usable data packed ... and it would be great if some of you people advice me what to do to secure my computer.

thank you. Victor.