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Thread: hax0r conference lockdown script

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    Default hax0r conference lockdown script

    if you attend at security conference, the most embarrassing stuff is if you get pwned!

    here you can download some simple, but very useful bash script, which gives you
    some good basics to protect & watch the packets belonging to you ;-)

    script options:
    -setup some key iptables rules to lock down your laptop
    -install & run arpwatch, fwlogwatch & psad, tshark
    -create a simple network bridge
    -visualize iptables log with psad & afterglow

    check it out, can be useful for your next conference visit ;-)
    ..don't be the next one on the 'wall of shame'

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    Default Re: hax0r conference lockdown script

    This is a tight script! Very cool. Thanks.


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