Gitsnik, I agree with everything your saying except charging people. I think that if I did start charging people would choose someone like Moxie's or Purehate's service over some guy who's only been in the scene for a year or less. Also, a main goal of this project, for me is to get the community working together more. Right now, all I see is individuals doing their own thing quite often working on projects that have already been done to death (wep cracker anyone?). I see a lot of potential if people work together on new projects rather than repeating history.

Ive gotten a few things crossed off the todo list so I guess its time for another update:

Project stuff:
-Forums: Online, should be working but I haven't tested yet
-Wordlist selecting: Done...ish. I want to allow people to upload their own lists and auto update the list
-Email on completion: Done on the server, not on the script
-Profiling: area code based phone numbers only at the moment, not in script yet

People stuff:
-GingerP, havent heard from you in a while
-Sorbo: unfortunately doesn't have a lot of time at the moment, but we have been chatting, and I have had some nice new ideas as a result and he has shared some source from his site.

On a side note my cracking server is out of commission at the moment, this sucks for anyone wanting handshakes cracked in the immediate future, but it did force me to work on the webpage a bit, so I'll take it as a blessing in disguise.