GingerP, A guy with extensive php knowledge would be invaluable on the team as mine is rusty at best. I'll put a pcap parser on the top of my todo list if I know someone is going to be putting it to good use. Since this project has clearly been given new life I feel I should do a status recap:


1) Get a script or python program going for volunteers to donate cpu power. This could be based on Sorbo's if he wants to join, or mine or a python one from scratch. It should include: gpu use option, some way of preventing people from doing the same work as others, some way of checking that clients did do the work. In the future, an option to upload handshakes from the script would be nice.
2) Server side checking that clients upload correct results prereq;pcap parser
3) Pcap parser
4) Option to select wordlist to try when uploading handshakes
5) Project homepage to track progress (googlecode)
6) More wordlists for default passwords (have Thomson, need all others)
Probably some stuff I'm forgetting

Volunteers - skills
GingerP - PHP
SecUpwN - cpu, ???
christ044 - bash, wordlists, cryptanalysis
maybe Sorbo - self evident competence in PHP and bash

Just want to say thanks to anyone willing to offer their help for this project, I honestly thought this project was a lost cause due to lack of support but its looking like were gonna pull through and create a really great service.