Alot of years ago (about 12-15) i got involved in trying to work out the latest digital satelite codes, the group that ran it wanted to check the signals against all algrthyums, bit like checking a wpa handshake, how they implemented it was by creating a downloaded program, you ran it on your pc/laptop basically you opened up the program and downloaded a 'batch' for checking, the program then ran in the background (you could also adjust the amount of processor % being used) when it had finished the batch you had two options, one to send the results automatically back and pick up a new batch or just send the results back when you wanted to (at that point in time not everyone was on broadband).
I know this would need someone to create a program to download and then way of breaking up the wordlist, but it seamed to work well and the plus side is you can decide who and who not to give the program out to.

Another idea for your website, would it not be an idea to give more route/isp details? As an example i know that a sky router (in the uk) comes set as standard with 8 chars A-Z, talktalk is 10 chars 0-9 a-z A-Z al mixed but not next to one another. I know people change the default password but not that many would, and with the extra info it could reduce checking time?
Only a thought, keep up the good work