Hi there after spending a couple days installing backtrack 4 and trying to run airodump-ng wlan0 i have hit a problem of:-

ARP linktype is set to 1 (Ethernet) - expected ARPHRD_IEEE80211,
ARPHRD_IEEE80211_FULL or ARPHRD_IEEE80211_PRISM instead. Make
sure RFMON is enabled: run 'airmon-ng start wlan0 <#>'
Sysfs injection support was not found either.

I am running BT4 as a virtual machine in VMware workstation on Windows 7. It is installed onto hard drive and VMtools is installed. I am using a Belkin wireless G USB adapter (FSD5070 4000). The card seems to be installed correctly as when i type in airmon-ng the following appears:-

Interface Chipset Driver

wlan0 ZyDAS 1211 zd1211rw - [phy0]
mon0 ZyDAS 1211 zd1211rw - [phy0]
mon1 ZyDAS 1211 zd1211rw - [phy0]

After doing some searching i think that the adapter doesnt support injection. I have found a website Tutorial: Injection with ZyDAS zd1211 and zd1211b (zd1211rw) that has patches for my card to run injection.

I have downloaded compat-wireless-2010-09-01.tar.bz2 from the list and it has saved to Linux desktop (/root/). i have untar the package which extracted to root. I then changed directory to the untar'd directory and ran the command:-


In Backtrack was this:-

root@bt:~/compat-wireless-2010-08-31# drivers/net/wireless/zd1211rw/zd_mac.c

When i hit enter i get this:-

root@bt:~/compat-wireless-2010-08-31# drivers/net/wireless/zd1211rw/zd_mac.c
bash: drivers/net/wireless/zd1211rw/zd_mac.c: Permission denied

So basically im now stuck. My goal at the moment is to be able to crack wireless networks incase this is important to know.

Again im new so sorry if im not making sence. Any help will be appreciated thanks