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    Post rinetd

    Hello all i was trying to PORTFORWARD on port 80 from the router to my ip where the router ip is and mine is i configured the /etc/rinetd.conf
    root@bt:~# cat /etc/rinetd.conf 80 80
    but when i try to connect from out side the network on my public nothing happened did i miss some thing ??or the rinetd does not work a PORT-FORWARDER ??

    well thanks for your replay well what i want is when try connect from out side the network on the router public ip on the port 80 the connection must be forwarded to me ,and for my router i have logged on it but there is no PORT-FORWARDING but there is a Game & Application Sharing is it the same knowing a had assign a PORT range for my computer the port 80 is in the range ,as i know the router does not work as PORT-FORWARDER??
    any idea?
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    Default Re: rinetd

    Why not set it inside the router?

    Regarding rinetd, try to leave like this:
    # bindadress    bindport  connectaddress  connectport 80 80
    See if works.

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    Default Re: rinetd

    You need to port forward withing the router and forget rinetd. It doesn't serve the purpose for what you are trying to accomplish from what i was reading.

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