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Thread: how to speed up the pass scan ??

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    Question how to speed up the pass scan ??

    hi all i see some video the password scan go up to 38000 per second
    i try manny thing my scan speed was 550 i make it goin up tell 900 dont know how by luck i guess

    can anyone help me and type me the command or the way to make the scan speed very fast , i search alot but never found the right way

    they use aircrack

    this is the youtube video YouTube - Hack Wireless WPA2 AES TKIP Hidden SSID

    thxxx alot good work i love BT4

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    Default Re: how to speed up the pass scan ??

    The speed at which aircrack-ng goes through the passphrases just depends on your computer's CPU, dude.

    Jeebus, I just looked at the video. First off, NSYNC music? LOL.

    And second, that is fast. I wonder what kind of CPU that guy has... o__O

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    Default Re: how to speed up the pass scan ??

    well you can use rainbow tables or pmk tables or use you video cards like purehate does, there are tools in backtrack like pyrit and cuda that can offload the job of dictionary cracking to the gddr5 in your vid cards. google pyrit or cuda and check it out. I've seen guys blow through huge wordlists fast with nvidia sli setups for crunching hashes or wordlists. Purehate_'s setup can do 982308051 words in around 3 hours!!
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    Default Re: how to speed up the pass scan ??

    [Taco Bell Dog]
    I think you need a bigger box
    [/Taco Bell Dog]
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    Default Re: how to speed up the pass scan ??

    search for CUDA backtrack
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    Default Re: how to speed up the pass scan ??

    Notice the -r option in the video. It utilizes a database made by airolib-ng to speed up the attack. The database still takes the same amount of time to precompute, but you can use it on different networks of the same essid. Using a gpu will make a big difference in speed.
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    i have daul core 5800 multi prosessor
    1024 secreen card family chipset
    i read alot how to speed the pass scan some said u must have nvidia secreen card
    i uae airolip way it take long time i use crunch file to make pass list

    thxxx guys ill keep looking tell i found away to speed the scan with batch or any command and ill post it here

    Ge-Force use cuda to speed the scan i found some video about it but i dont have Ge-Force
    i found another program might make it faster the name for it wificake-ng ay idea about this program
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