Hi !

I am new to Backtrack. I have some big questions about upgrading backtrack to a new version:

Let say i download and install backtrack 4 Final to HDD then i will customize it by adding some tools.

After a while supposing it has just appeared the new version of Backtrack: version 4 R1 .

Version 4 R1 has more tools (both in the pentest directory and in the backtrack menu too) than backtrack version 4 Final.

1) If i type apt-get update and apt-get upgrade in terminal my version 4 Final if backtrack will become version 4 R1 ?
If backtrack 5 will be released there will be upgraded to the new version 5 too or it will be just version 4 Rxxx ?
2) The new tools will be in the menu too ?
3)If i install update-notifier it tries to upgrade the system to ubuntu again and again. Should i use it ? How to upgrade backtrack to the latest kde ? Why it tries to upgrade to ubuntu and not to kubuntu ?

Thank you !

PS: Sorry for posting here, i tried into the FAQ area but i have no rights there.