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Thread: BT4 help needed please...

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    Default BT4 help needed please...

    Im using BT4 in VMWARE and everythin is ok, however, whenever I try to run the airmon-ng to view my wireless device name, it says chipset driver but it wont give me the wireless card device name. Any sudgestions on this?


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    This Question has been asked numerous times. By using the search feature, you would be able tp answer your own question. If you're not using a supported USB wireless adaptor, then you're sh*t outta luck

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    Default Re: BT4 help needed please...

    Of course, if you really wanted to have some fun, go to Wal-Mart late at night and ask the greeter if they could help you find trashbags, roll of carpet, rope, quicklime, clorox and a shovel. See if they give you any strange looks. --Streaker69

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    Default Re: BT4 help needed please...

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the inconvenience but I was not able to find an answer in Google, Youtube or here in the search.

    I work on IT so I have an Idea of what I,m trying to do. Im sure is something stupid or just and easy setting that I,m missing.

    Here is what I tried.

    I ran the VMware as NAT and also Bridget and still can get my wireless card to show up, it only says Interface Chipset Driver. I'm able to access the internet through BT so I really don't know why is not showing the interface name with the airmon-ng command.

    If someone can assist me with this I will highly appreciated. I build a lab at home and this is the only setting that is preventing me to accomplish my goal.

    Thanks in advance!

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