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Thread: BAcktrack --->black Display!

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    Default BAcktrack --->black Display!


    I have bought a new notebook :Toshiba C660D

    And i have burned BACKTRACK 4 R2 on a DDV with 4x Speed!

    Now on booting BAcktrack let me choose beetween many different ways to boot!

    No of this ways works!The display always stay dark and nothing happens!

    And i wasn't able to find a solution for my problem!

    Graphic:ATI Radeon™ HD 4250 Graphics
    Wlan Stick uSB:asus wl-167g v2
    more info about my notebook in the link above!#


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    Default Re: BAcktrack --->black Display!

    And i wasn't able to find a solution for my problem!
    Try harder ..
    Back|track giving machine guns to monkeys since 2007 !

    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
    Do not take a look at the: Forum Rules !

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