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Thread: Wifi being recognized as wired connection

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    Default Wifi being recognized as wired connection

    I installed wicd-1.7.0 and madwifi-hal- because my atheros5007eg wireless card was not working. It now works since I can connect to the internet but when I run the wicd wireless manager it says connected to wired network and does not show any wireless card or networks. I HAVE NO ****ING CLUE HOW THIS IS HAPPENING. I connected my computer directly just to try and find the drivers for my card but only found tutorials saying to use the madwifi driver listed above. then when I disconnected i saw that it said I was connected to the wired network even though I have no cords from my computer running to ANYTHING AT ALL. AND on top of it all I never selected a network to connect to and I never typed in the wireless router password. I am simply connected and thats it. The problem with this is that the system thinks I have no wifi card so I cannot run any commands that deal with wifi (or any programs). When I type in airmon-ng it shows no info. Please help me figure this out. I am stumped

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    Virtualized OS?

    Output of:
    ifconfig -a

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