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Thread: Crunch versus John the Ripper in BT4

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    Default Crunch versus John the Ripper in BT4

    I was wondering if the amount of time it takes aircrack to check keys and crack a wpa network can be reduced by using a premade dictionary file from say crunch, rather than by simply piping john the ripper into aircrack once u have the handshake?

    Using aircrack and john the ripper I was getting 350 keys a second on my old laptop? Is that good.

    Also, is crunch proprietary to only backtrack or is it a general linux program that i could use in say, ubuntu as well?

    Thanks for input, Im new to all this but it is really cool stuff

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    Default Re: Crunch versus John the Ripper in BT4

    Pyrit will generate tables for wpa-psk networks, and use you're gpu to speed up the process. Cowpatty does the same job without gpu support.
    I have no idea how old or the specs of your laptop but my macbook with core2duo 2ghz gets about 900 pmk/s using pyrit (no gpu) an ATI 5870 HD gets about 80 000.
    Crunch works on any flavour of linux.

    Google is super cool, try it out.

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