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Thread: RTL8191SE working, no injection

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    Lightbulb RTL8191SE working, no injection

    with the driver found there I downloaded the generic kernel headers from Ubuntu repo's and installed the driver with make install

    and now I have a working wifi card... yay... but no injection... booo...

    Interface       Chipset         Driver
    wlan0           Unknown                 rtl819xSE (monitor mode enabled)
    is the result when trying to enable monitor mode, no mon0 or anything, and it doesn't inject... maybe there will be a patch for it soon? =)

    I didn't read up enough and there were more instructions to getting this to work... I'm sorry I don't have that link anymore but... I'll leave the rest just in case it helps anyone
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    Default Re: RTL8191SE working, no injection


    i have the same Problem with my Netbook Asus 1201N.

    RTL8191SE no injection

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