Thankyou thankyou thankyou is all i can say for that, even if it was not intentional.

I had tried with other distro's like openSuse and KnoppixDvd without success (due to my n00bness apparently) but these steps ensured 3d capable drivers for my Nvidia and better resolution on my 19" tft

Install BT2.0 Final to hard disk
reboot into HDD install of BT
download the latest Nvidia drivers from (can't post links yet sorry)

log out of KDE

open console and type:
sh /path_to_download/

click YES to all prompts EXCEPT to download the kernel source when it complains about not finding one.

click YES to the prompt that asks to configure X on next run

hey presto, run your startX (should see an NVIDIA splash) and click on your "start-menu" then go to system and see a brand spangly new NVIDIA control panel to set up the resolution you require.