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Thread: Can anyone help with Tor, Privoxy (Proxies) and Nessus

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    Default Can anyone help with Tor, Privoxy (Proxies) and Nessus

    hello, i am new to backtrack and i really like it alot. It does everything i need except i am having alittle trouble with somethings and i am loking for some help.

    The first thing is tor - i cant get it to work properly and it wont let me get polipo.
    The second thing is privoxy isn't working and am not sure how to get the proxies set up.

    The third and final thing that i can't get working Nessus 2.2.10 to connect to the localhost and start working. It says that my username needs a password which i enter correctly and it says that it cannot connect to localhost

    I really hope somebody can help me, i would appreciate any and all suggestions.


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    Default Re: Can anyone help with Tor, Privoxy (Proxies) and Nessus

    Well for the nessus issue, we don't have it by default so you may not get much help.
    But for your tor issue, try these two guides, the helped me.
    Step by step with Tor - Ubuntu Forums
    Also make sure that you have configured your /etc/privoxy/config file.

    EDIT: Ensure networking service is started as well.
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    Default Re: Can anyone help with Tor, Privoxy (Proxies) and Nessus

    Perhaps you could be a little more specific than "isn't working" and "won't work". Are there error messages? If so what is the exact text of the error message? Did you try your google'fu on those terms? Do you simply not know how to use tor/privoxy/whatever else you're having problems with? (In which case the obvious solution should be RTFM). Does anything networking related work?

    On the topic of nessus, is the server/daemon process running? If you do a ps or top can you see it? If you do a netstat can you see it listening for connections?
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