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Thread: How to create a 'super password' - CNN article

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    Default How to create a 'super password' - CNN article

    How to create a 'super password' -

    I found this interesting but one flaw is the enormous free wifi hotspots out there nowadays and the high chance that someone is sniffing the network.

    Just to see what I put out there I ran ettercap with sslstrip on my home network (4 computers, 2 laptops and an ipod touch). The one thing that shocked me, not sure why, was that I connect into my work email from my ipod touch and have a 16 character pass alpha/numerical that apparently gets sniffed in seconds because it auto checks email every couple minutes. How would one secure that? The only thing I can think is to not use my ipod to check work email when I am away.

    Yet the weird thing is that forums I am part of that I have to auto login never show user/pass unless I type it in. I would assume that different sites/programs use different methods to pass user/pass across the network?

    On my LAN my Outlooks auto check also and same thing happens. I'm not so worried about that because I should be the only one ever on my home network.


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    Default Re: How to create a 'super password' - CNN article

    I can assume that the sites that you are already logged onto would be authenticating you via session cookies when you go back to them which ettercap does not capture by default from what i remember.

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