These two guides were more or less from the old forum in case if you did notice the striking same resemblance.

balding_parrot posted this guide:

I must admit that if one is familiar with linux would understand notably that installing the kdm package would be installing kde4 libs, this would thus create more download and may not work with kde. My old guide pointed out to use:
apt-get install kdm-kde3
Would still stand correct as it does not require that many dependencies and would integrate somewhat well with KDE for configuration. Albeit not perfect I have a solution to fix whatever changes should you want to change the layout and login for kdm:
mv /var/run/kdm-kde3/kdmrc /var/run/kdm-kde3/kdmrc.bak && ln -s /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc /var/run/kdm-kde3/kdmrc
-----Dragon KDE icon-----
A simpler way to do this is to do this:
cp -Rv /root/.kde3/share/icons/nuvoX_0.7 $HOME && chown -R 1000:1000 /home/`echo $HOME`
Note that this would only work for the first created user, not for the subsequently added user, if need be, you just need to change the 1000 field to whatever id is for the new user.