hi all,been a while...
ive been searching the forums and google looking for an answer to this:

"is it possible to install BT4 to my laptops HDD via USB"

i ask this as my laptops DVD/RW has decided to break and there is no option via bios setup to run discs via an external source (inspiron 6400,USB,and ext HDD but no ext CD/DVD in bios boot sequence) ive tried unetbootin to make an installable USB but it started asking something about busybox then went to a command line (ubuntu 10.4 being my previous install) the Iso of BT4 is fine as i have a live CD that is working via the laptop but it seems it doesnt have the life to finish the install via disc it reads "disc maybe faulty" error at anything from 20-50% completion..
ive looked everywhere for a solution and found many answers for persistant changes USBs or live USB but non regarding my situation..any answers helpful