Newb to BT2, but used the beta. Love the work that was done!

Anyhoo, I've installed BT2 to my HD, and expected it to give me mouse support in XWindows. But I can't use the mouse!

I've checked my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, and its there... but I have no idea why I can't use the mouse in X, flux, or even in the console window... all things I could've done with the Beta.

Also, when I'm rebooting my system, I sometimes get the message "Error: Root partition has already been mounted read-write. Cannot check!". When I check /etc/lilo.conf as the message suggests that I do, I see the line "read-only" already present in the file.

Any suggestions? I'm going to blow my partitions away again, and try to reinstall.

Oh, I checked my MD5 on my ISO, burned my CD at 4X, and it all checks out. In fact, I think I have mouse access when I run BT2 off the CD, just not off the HD.