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Thread: Toshiba nb305 netbook's resolution

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    Default Toshiba nb305 netbook's resolution

    I've been searching the forums here, as well as google, and even the backtrack google search and I can't find a definitive fix for this issue. I have found numerous ideas on how to fix it, and I can't seem to nail anything down. Natively, the resolution is 1024x600 and in bt4 r1 it's locked down to 800x600. I've tried editing my xorg.conf countless times and have screwed it up so bad on occasion i have to revert back to my saved file. I can provide any machine info that is needed, but I would like to resolve this if anyone is willing to help.

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    Default Respuesta: Toshiba nb305 netbook's resolution

    aptitude update
    aptitude upgrade

    #if u can nvidia video first search
    aptitude search nvidia

    #now update
    aptitude update nvidia-driver


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