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Thread: Wifi ESSID duplication - Kismet, Airodump

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    Default Wifi ESSID duplication - Kismet, Airodump

    I noticed this after upgrading to kernel 2.6.34 and after a dist-upgrade. When I launch Kismet or airodump and get a list of ESSIDs, they duplicate and insert random special characters into the name. This happens anywhere between 5 seconds after launch or up to a minute (longest it's gone without duplication so far).

    Duplicates always have 1 packet and 0 size (in kismet) and 50% of the time have --- as a channel (in kismet).

    Example of the special characters inserted into the name:


    Any ideas? Let me know what hardware/software versions you need and I'll gladly post.

    I tested hardware by booting off my original backtrack 4 DVD and launching kismet. Ran perfectly fine for an hour.

    Is there any indication a fresh install would help? I suppose upgrading the kernel could of broken something, but I'm not an expert.
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